USS-SWC 2017 – Genomics: Philosophy, Ethics and Policy

The 17th Vienna Summer University was held on July 3–14, 2017.


  • Robert Cook-Deegan (Arizona State University)
  • Paul E. Griffiths (University of Sydney)
  • Jenny Reardon (University of California, Santa Cruz)

Over the last two decades, genomics has emerged as a powerful site for not just re-configuring understandings and enactments of life, but also for understanding how these conceptions and enactments form in tandem with modes of ordering and governing lives. The two-week course explores conceptual innovations that draw these co-productive processes into view, as well as the histories and philosophies that deepen our understandings of not just genomics, but also our ever elusive efforts to make sense of life.


  • Identities of "the gene"
  • What is genetic information (a metaphor in search of a referent)?
  • What is genomics? A story of co-production
  • Race, difference, and genomics
  • Patents and ownership
  • Genomics amidst globalization and nation states
  • Beyond bioethics
  • Genomics and its public
  • The post-genomic world
  • Where are we headed?