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Philosophy of Mathematics

 univie: summer school – Scientific World Conceptions (USS-SWC)


Vienna, September 9-13, 2024

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(c) Universität Wien/Gebhard Sengmüller | UNIVERSITY OF VIENNA, ARCADE COURT

Since 2001, the University of Vienna and the Institute Vienna Circle hold an annual summer program dedicated to major current issues in the natural and the social sciences, their history and philosophy: univie: summer school – Scientific World Conceptions (USS-SWC). The title of the program reflects the heritage of the Vienna Circle which promoted interdisciplinary and philosophical investigations based on solid disciplinary knowledge.

As an international interdisciplinary program, USS-SWC brings graduate students in close contact with world-renowned scholars. It operates under the academic supervision of an International Program Committee of distinguished philosophers, historians, and scientists. The program is directed primarily to graduate students and junior researchers in fields related to the annual topic, but the organizers also encourage applications from gifted undergraduates and from people in all stages of their career who wish to broaden their horizon through cross-disciplinary studies of methodological and foundational issues in science.

The schedule consists of morning sessions, chaired by distinguished lecturers which focus on readings assigned to students in advance. Afternoon sessions are made up of smaller groups which offer senior students the opportunity to discuss their own research papers with one of the main lecturers.

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