USS-SWC 2006 – Philosophy and Economics

The 6th Vienna Summer University was held on 17–28 July 2006.


  • Geoffrey Brennan (Duke University, USA)
  • Hartmut Kliemt (University of Duisburg, Germany)
  • Bernd Lahno (University of Duisburg, Germany)

The course dealt with some fundamental problems of philosophy and economics, spanning a wide range of topics from ethics to methodology and addressing both substantial and formal, historical and topical issues. This approach showed how broad the field of "Philosophy, Politics, and Economics" has become, as is also reflected in our present interests as philosopher-economists. Alluding to one of John Broome's titles, we could say that we will have both "economics out of philosophy" and "philosophy out of economics". The course was genuinely interdisciplinary. In addition to material assigned for each lecture, general background material (as a sort of introductory course to "philosophy and economics") was provided in electronic form to facilitate an inter-disciplinary discussion.


  • The economic approach to ethics
  • Discounting the future
  • Rational choice from a participant's and from the objective point of view
  • Arrow and the economic approach
  • Sen and Coase
  • Trust, its role and its evolution
  • Economising on virtue
  • The economy of virtue
  • David Hume's theory of government
  • Esteem: conceptual and analytic
  • No theory of justice
  • Expressive voting
  • Public and private responsibility in health care and the limits of state action