USS-SWC 2016 – Science, Values, and Democracy?

The 16th Vienna Summer University was held on July 4–15, 2016.


  • Mark B. Brown (California State University, Sacramento)
  • Heather Douglas (University of Waterloo, Ontario)
  • Andrew Jewett (Harvard University)
  • Guest lecturer: Alexander Bogner

Science and democracy are key features of modern societies, but there have always been tensions between them, with implications for a wide range of public issues. This two-week course examined historical, philosophical, and political perspectives on the relation of science, values, and democracy.


  • Roles of values in science
  • Historical relations of science and democracy
  • Public engagement in sociotechnical controversies
  • Race, gender, and science
  • Science and religion in democracies
  • Politics of expert advice
  • Public assessment of scientific expertise
  • Science communication in democratic contexts
  • Universities and public life